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Created in September 2000 on the eve of the Summer Olympics in Sydney by an athletics enthusiast, Michel Saint-Raymond, journalist and translator specialized in sports (English to French), the AthleRecords web site aims to cover a large spectrum of athletics through its records from yesterday, today... and tomorrow.

For those who know how to decrypt them, these statistics are in fact essential in measuring the trends and advancements for a sport in perpetual motion. Thousands of records are thus broken each year through improved facilities and training techniques and the emergence of new talent.

In spite of very close contacts within athletic circles, AthleRecords remains independent and is not affiliated in any way with the International Association of Athletics Federations (World Athletics), its member federations nor with any other official organization in this sport.

Despite almost daily updates and numerous verifications and cross-checks, it is virtually impossible to avoid errors in such a vast domain. Therefore, please do not hesitate to bring these inaccuracies to our attention as well as to send us your suggestions for further improving this web site by using the site's "Contact" menu.

Michel Saint-Raymond
May 2008